A little about me

Photograph of Mia Taylor

My goal is to design every website better than the last, keep them simple and create something original that stands out from the crowd. I take pride in my work; I focus on providing quality, affordability and achieving results.

What can I do?

Well my core expertise lies in web design and development of either static websites or for those who want a CMS, Wordpress is my choice as it’s the most friendly and diverse; I also use Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator to create images, logos and digital illustrations.

Prior to this my full-time job was working in administration and HR! Bit of a jump to web design and development I know, but I’ve always loved working with computers and being creative in my spare time so creating websites combines both which makes it so fun.

Plus having a background in admin and HR requires talking to and understanding a lot of different people. This means I’m at a great mid-point where I can explain the technical information in terms anyone can understand whilst being able to apply the latest technologies and trends to make great websites.

So, if you are looking for someone with fresh ideas and energy to create you a website or from a digital agency looking for a freelancer then please get in touch.

Most work will be billed on a day rate basis, unless it is quick then I can bill hourly and fixed price projects can be done if needed.

I always bill in £(GBP) and all prices are plus VAT(UK customers). My working day is equal to 7.5 hours and a standard week is 37.5 hours. Please get in contact to check my current availability as all time is required to be booked in advance.