Marketing Yourself

Business Cards:

Business cards are the first port of call after your site and email are set up and you are ready to go. Shop around online for ones that suit your needs; check the prices, do they use re-cycled materials, do they have offers for certain amounts ordered, etc. Business cards are great for networking and leaving in local meeting places (with permission, of course).

Social Media:

Create as many social media accounts as you can cope with. Facebook business pages, join Reddit for the freelancing subreddits, get a Twitter account; all easy to use and useful for finding jobs and clients. Social media is a great (and free) way to market yourself to people across the world.

Other free ways to get your name out are with local listing sites and Google My Business, each help with advertising your business in your local area.

If you feel you can spare the cash: Gumtree adverts, Facebook paid promotions and of course if you feel very ‘rich’ Google and Bing ad-words. Keep an eye on any paid promotions as you use them, they can start to snowball if you let them.


Is a good way to get your name out to people and hopefully get clients, though this can be a harder one for people with social issues like anxiety. However, networking doesn’t always mean going to a business center with people you don’t know in suits. It can be talking with your friends and family to find out if anyone they know is looking for a website, illustrations, designs etc. and passing on your business card or contact details.

If/when you do go to a networking event be assured it’ll (hopefully) go better than in this comic by xkcd:

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