Talking of Costs

Plan a budget in advance:

Include such things as: a laptop – if you don’t currently have one, travel fees, a second mobile – if you don’t want to use your personal one, hosting – monthly or yearly costs, domain name, plus small items like stationary. Some of these things, such as the laptop, can be added as a capital asset in your tax expenses and claimed back. Though make sure to read and understand your country’s tax rules regarding expenses and claims.

If you need a domain name keep in mind that even though it might be cheap for the first year or two, be prepared for the price to go up. Make sure this isn’t going to be a surprise for your future budget!

Domain Tasting:

When searching for a domain name be careful which site you use to look for it, as some sites can quickly register a domain that you have looked for and make you pay a lot more to buy it. Search for ‘Domain Tasting’ to find out more about it and which sites may partake in it.

If you want to look up a name and to be safer, do a ‘Whois’ search, this gives you information regarding any domain and who it is registered to, without the fear of domain tasting.



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